Legends South
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Legends South Recreation Areas Update
There have been many updates and changes to the area around the Legends South Pool over the last few years. We’ve put in two sand volleyball courts, replaced two aging playground sets with one new set, added basketball hoops and most recently individual exercise stations. Those updates and changes leave us with three things in that area that are still in need of fixing: the tennis courts, the parking lot, and the water problems. 
We’ve met with vendors for the tennis courts and have gotten quotes on several different types of remediation. We’ve got quotes on repaving the parking lot. But we can’t do either until the water issues are fixed, so we met with an expert who has year of history with The Legends South and feel confident we understand what is causing the problems. There are natural springs in the area that bubble up to the surface of the grass and flow down to the path of least resistance as water will do to find its level. We’ve always heard about these springs, but now we’ve seen them, either in the form of mushy, soggy ground or two to three inch thick ice patches. We’ve come up with a plan and will be getting multiple bids before we pick a vendor to carry it out.
There will be a French drain with a solid drain on top of it, trenched around the perimeter of the tennis courts. A similar treatment will be made in the area by the new exercise equipment, which will intersect the tennis courts drain. The expectation is for these treatments to eliminate the water that runs alongside the exercise equipment, out over the sidewalk and under the tennis courts, thus stopping the damage.
Over the years, we’ve received numerous requests to build a tennis wall. Based on those requests and the prohibitive cost to fix both tennis courts, we would like to propose the following: 
The tennis court closest to the pool is the one with the most damage. We want to remove the half adjacent to the exercise equipment, move the fence in to; what is now the center between both tennis courts and into the center where the net now runs.  We’d then build a tennis wall behind the remaining paved section where the fence separating it from the volleyball court is now. What was the tennis court closest to the pool will in effect become half a tennis court with a tennis wall.
The other half, adjacent to the exercise equipment will be sodded. Some immediate ideas are to put some picnic tables and barbeque pits there. In the future, if we need more room for more exercise equipment it will be inexpensive to add them there over the sod. Next year, when we can be certain the new drains are having the expected results, and there aren’t any further cracks to the tennis court closest to the parking lot, we’ll make the necessary repairs to that court.
We’d like to hear from you about our plans.