Legends South
Pool Information
If you have received the key fobs for the pool at any time in the past year you are set for this and coming seasons. No new fobs will be distributed. If you are up to date with the HOA payments your fobs have been automatically activated.
NEW OWNERS: the seller should have left the fobs with the house. Please check with them first, before requesting new fobs.
Legends South Covid-19 Pool Rules
1). Must enter/leave the facility wearing masks (does NOT apply for children aged 2 and under).
2). Must wear a mask unless eating/drinking or in the pool.
3). Bring your own mask (Do not share masks). Lifeguards will NOT be providing masks for patrons.
4). Pool furniture CAN NOT be moved. Must stay in place.
5). No pool rafts or pool toys.
7). Do not enter the pool area if Covid-19 symptoms are present.
Slide Rules
1). Do not go down face first, backwards, or on stomach.
2). Do not jump off or climb up the slide.
3). Do not lift the bottom of the slide.
4). Do not swim under the slide.
5). Wait for others to move out of the way at the bottom of the slide before going down.
6). One person on the slide at a time.
7). Only for use of children 12 and under
Vortex Rules
1). Only 5 people in the vortex at a time (including adults, teenagers, and/or children).
2). Do not stand, walk, sit, lay, or climb on the vortex wall.
3). Share the vortex. Do not stay in for long periods of time. Ex: 5 minutes.
Detailed Admittance Policy and Hours -
Updated 2020 Admittance Policy and Hours
Rules and Regulations for the Pool -
Recreational Facility Rules
The pool located at 501 Southern Hills is private to Legends South Residents only. Those who live in the Legends Neighborhood, but are not part of Legends South, may fill out the form below and submit it to  Rodemyer-Christel, Inc to obtain key fobs. 
Pool Application for Residents of the Legends Neighborhood