Legends South
Eureka, Missouri

Dear Legends South Homeowners:


The Legends South Board of Directors has contracted with St. Louis Paving, LLC to complete 7,750 square feet of repairs to the streets, curbs, and sidewalks. The areas of repair have been marked with orange spray paint. The roads being repaired will be removed and replaced with an 8” pour of concrete. The road work being done this year will address the worst areas throughout the neighborhood. We will continue to do road repairs each year moving forward to address other areas and other minor repairs. This year’s project will be completed in three phases, the phases are listed below:


Phase 1: Southern Hills, Stone Spring Dr., & Stone Spring Ct.

Phase 2: Legends View, Vista Hills, Vista Glen, & Grand View Ridge

Phase 3: Meramec View, Palisades View, Palisades Ridge, Legends Bluffs Ct.


Phase 1 will begin on Monday, July 16, 2018!

If you live in phase 1 please let everyone in your house, including guests and contractors, know not to park within any of the orange markings starting at 7:00am on July 16th until the work in that area is complete.


Once phase 1 is nearing completion we will send notices to owners who will be affected by phase 2.

Once phase 2 is nearing completion we will send notices to owners who will be affected by phase 3.

Back Gate Cards
Posted on Mar 15th, 2017


For GATE KEYS, contact Shelly Lack at shelly@cmamgrs.com 
Contact the Master Association if you have questions or concerns about Legends Parkway 
The Master Association is responsible for Legends Parkway, the green space from the front entrance to the back, and  the back gate.
The Master Association has a separate board of directors and covenants on top of the Legends South's. 
As members of Legends South, we are also members of the Master Association.  We encourage all Legends South homeowners to reach out to the Master Association with questions or concerns related to their area of responsibility.

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