Legends South
Eureka, Missouri

Now that the winter weather is upon us, there are a few things it’s important to remember and try to do:


Parking:  When snow is expected, please make every attempt to avoid parking on the streets.  No cars on the street will help enable quicker and more effective plowing and salting.

Plowing and Salting Procedure


Pre salting -  will begin 2 hours prior to a predicted freezing rain event or a predicted more than 4" snow event on:

Stone Spring Dr.

Legends View Dr. (back l1 of street

Upper Bluffs View Ct.

Legends Bluffs Ct.

Palisades View Dr.

 Meramec View Dr.

Post plowing – Salt will be applied to all streets after a plow pass

Snow plowing - will begin when snow is at     1".  There are two dedicated trucks, one of which begins at the front of the sub-division, the other at the rear.  It’s estimated that it will take those two trucks 2 ½ hours to plow the entire sub-division.


Just a reminder the HOA dues are paid annually and due by February 28, 2019. Please send your check in the amount of $800.00 made payable to Rodemyer-Christel, Inc. to:


Rodemyer-Christel, Inc.

P.O. Box 957832

St. Louis, MO 63195-7832


**Please make sure your Legends address is on the check so it can be applied correctly. **

**Any dues paid after March 10, 2019 will be considered late and late fees may apply. **

If you need to set up a payment arrangement, please contact Tyler Mazdra via email at tmazdra@rcirealty.com


In 2018, the Board of Directors for the Legends South Community has worked hard to try and make Legends South a great place to call home!


Over the past year we have completed many projects, several are listed here:

  • Major road repairs on all streets within Legends South
  • Redesigned and improved the landscaping around the pool, tennis courts, and entrances to Southern Hills, Legends View, Meramec View, and Palisades. Our goal is that these areas will flourish come spring and enhance the overall aesthetic of the neighborhood.
  • Trimmed the trees hanging over the sidewalks
  • Purchased new wreaths for the monuments
  • Purchased new tables for the pool
  • Added lights to the sand volley ball and basketball courts
  • Began a complete renovation of the pool equipment room. This will include all new pumps, motors, filters and electrical wiring.


In 2019 we plan to:

  • Complete more road repairs
  • Redesign and improve the landscaping of the cul-de-sacs
  • Replace the giant red Funbrella at the pool
  • Add additional upgrades in common grounds with money we receive from Flower & Fendler Homes related to the Legends Country Club’s  villa / redesign initiative


Lastly, we have secured a contract to resurface the pool in its entirety and fix the falling tile. It is important to the board that all of the owners know this is our highest priority for spring of 2019. We will do everything in our power to ensure this is done, done correctly, and does not delay the opening of the pool. Thank you for your patience while we work through this.


Please remember to check out the community website, www.thelegendssouth.orgLogin requires a User Name and Password.  The User name is generally your email address and if you’ve forgotten your Password, use the Forgot Password Link and someone will reset it for you.  If you have not registered yet, simply do so by clicking on the Register link.  Checking the Remember Me box, eliminates the need for you to Login each time you go to the website from the same device.


If you have any questions or concerns, please use the CONTACT US link at the top of the page to send an email.


VERY IMPORTANT:  Any fences, retaining walls, large landscaping changes need to be approved by the Legends South HOA.  Additionally, a permit for fences is required by the city of Eureka.

There is an Architectural Request form that needs to be submitted for approval.  You can find it by going to our website: thelegendssouth.org – select MEMBERS, then select DOCUMENTS – then click on Architectural Guidelines and request form.


The Covenants for the Legends South, Masters Association and Villas at Bluffs can be downloaded from this same site, as well as the Fine Policy and Appeal Process, and Violations – Incident Report.  Read the Maintenance of Forest Lands Resolution document to understand what our policy is for trees, etc. on common grounds.


We also use registration information to email notices to communicate about the pool or upcoming events in the neighborhood.


We would like to thank all of the residents who serve on the board, committees, and volunteer throughout the year! The community would not be able to operate without all of you!


Back Gate Cards
Posted on Mar 15th, 2017


For GATE KEYS, contact Shelly Lack at shelly@cmamgrs.com 
Contact the Master Association if you have questions or concerns about Legends Parkway 
The Master Association is responsible for Legends Parkway, the green space from the front entrance to the back, and  the back gate.
The Master Association has a separate board of directors and covenants on top of the Legends South's. 
As members of Legends South, we are also members of the Master Association.  We encourage all Legends South homeowners to reach out to the Master Association with questions or concerns related to their area of responsibility.

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