Legends South
Eureka, Missouri

**Important Information**

On September 3, an ordinance amending the City of Eureka municipal code relating to a deer control policy and hunting regulations was passed.  The details can be found on the Eureka website in the Government – Municipal Code & Amendments section.  The ordinance is # 2503.
In accordance with the amendment, a permit has been issued and more will likely be issued for hunting in different areas of Eureka that meet the criteria, some of which are common grounds within the Legends sub-division.  A list of the Common Ground areas in the Legends South that have been approved for Bow Hunting by the membership of Certified Bow Hunters of St. Louis County.  All hunting activities are to be in compliance with the ordinance mentioned earlier, No. 2503, and the specific guidelines from the Missouri department of Conservation and will be during daylight hours only.
1.     Palisades View Drive, access from the cul-de-sac on Palisades Ridge court between #353 and #354
2.     2490 Legends Parkway, site between #655 above to the east and Lavender Farms on the West
3.     400 Meramec View Drive
4.     612 Legends Bluffs Court access between #610 and #614
5.     605 Bluffs View Court access between #607 and #603 also between #3 and #4 Upper Bluffs View Court
6.     401 Meramec View Drive access above by #507 and #2 Bluffs Court
7.     659 Meramec View Drive access from #401 through #507 and #2 (as outlined on line #6 above)
8.     594 Legends Parkway access between #608 and #614 Grandview Ridge Court
9.     554 Legends View Drive
Please read the ordinance on the Eureka website to have a clear understanding of how these pieces of common ground fit the criteria.
Some information on the Certified Bow Hunters of St. Louis:
·      Founded in 2004 when Clarkson Valley was looking for help with their deer overpopulation
·      Since 2004, six to eight other communities have copied that same ordinance
·      They hold $2MM in liability insurance
·      They’re trained through the conservation department
·      The meat is donated to Share the Harvest program
·      They also work with the Endangered Wolf Center
·      They were asked to donate some hides to the Elks for the veterans in wheelchair program

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