Legends South
Eureka, Missouri
Join in with multiple participating houses for our annual spring garage sale event! We always see a tremendous turnout & lots of resident participation so get ready to shop for deals. There will be directionals during the event to help guide you to sales in the neighborhood. We will provide an updated list of participating addresses for the duration of this event post. If you’re in the Legends & want to be added to our master list, email your address to Josh@KahnBuskTeam.com with “2024 Spring Garage Sale” in the subject line.
Updates from the Road Committee can be found here

The rear gate is the responsibility of the Master Association. More information about the Master Association can be found under the Master Association tab 

Please remember to remove cars from the street when there's the possibility of snow.  Following is the criteria for snow removal and salt application:
Snow plowing to be initialized at 1” of snow
2 dedicated trucks, 1 start at front and 1 start at rear
Salting: Full salt pass
- Pre salt pass to be initialized 2 hours prior to a predicted freezing rain event or a predicted more than 4" snow event.
- Salt pass to be applied to all streets after a plow pass
Salting: Hill touch up:
Stone Spring Dr., the back half of Legends View Dr., Upper Bluffs View Ct., Legends Bluffs Ct., Palisades View Dr., Meramec View Dr.

The 2024 billing letters (including the 2024 budget) were mailed on October 31, 2023. You can find an electronic copy here.

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