Legends South
Eureka, Missouri
More details about the annual garage sale can be found here.

Updates from the Road Committee can be found here.

Notification of Deer Management activities:
September 15, 2023 through January 15, 2024
Bow Hunting Season 2023/2024
List of Common Ground areas located in The Legends South, that their HOA Board has approved for Bow Hunting by the membership of Certified Bow Hunters of St. Louis County. Also listed are City of Eureka properties that are approved. All hunting activities are to be in compliance with Eureka Deer Control ordinance No. 2503, and the specific guidelines from the Missouri department of Conservation.
1. Bluffs View Court: #605
2. Grandview Ridge Court: #610 #680 & #681
3. Legends Bluffs Cou1i: #612
4. Legends View Drive: #501 #554 #748 & #956
5. Meramec View Drive: #400 #401 & #659
6. Palisades Ridge Ct #209 / Palisades View Drive: #655
7. Southern Hills DR #530 & #776
8. The Legends Parkway: #490 & #594
9. Vista Hills Court: #647 ˦
10. CITY OWNED PROPERTIES: #99 & #187 Williams Road
11. CITY OWNED PROPERTY: # 562 Meramec Blvd
12. CITY OWNED PROPERTY: #565 Meramec Blvd

The 2023 billing letters (including the 2023 budget) have been mailed on January 31st. You can find an electronic copy here.

Waste Management Update
The city of Eureka has hired a new trash company: Meridian Waste. They are delivering new trash & recycling cans and the residents must contact them by January 2023 to have their old cans removed for free by March. You can find more details here: Meridian Waste Eureka


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