Legends South
Eureka, Missouri
The annual Legends South HOA meeting will be held September 28th at 7PM at
Holiday Inn Six Flags
4901 Six Flags Rd
Eureka, MO 63025
One Board member position is up. If you would like to nominate yourself please email us with a short biography.

We wanted to give you a quick update on the parkway slab replacements, sealing, and striping project. Please see below:

* We will saw cut slabs on Tuesday September 7.
* We will start the removal process 9/7/21 at the entrance and then work our way around through The Legends and then go around and out. Just the same as you would drive in, go through and then out.
* We will start with the Bicycle lane first and get that done throughout. Once that is done and we open that lane then we will switch over and start on the car lane and go the same route through The Legends always leaving one lane open for traffic. Sometimes the guys vary from it if the slabs don’t even out all the way. But we will try to keep lane switching to a minimum.
* The replacement crew will place road signs to inform folks that we have road work underway.
* The Sealing of the joints will be later in October or November but the Concrete work will happen the weeks of September 6 and 13.

The vendor for striping will be scheduled as soon as the sealing of the joints have been completed. We will let you know when that will be scheduled to take place. 

Here is also a quick update on the back gate progress:

* Last week the Eureka Fire Department approved the install width of the gates for emergency vehicles.
* Gate install should be completed before the end of this month, weather permitting. 
* The gate keys you currently have will work on the new gates. 
* If you need to order more back gate keys, here is how you place your order: The gate keys (have to roll down your window to access the gate) and stickers (place inside your vehicle and the sensor reads the tag to automatically open the gate) are both the same price at $25.00 each.  All that you need to do is send a check and note which type of entry you would like on your check.  Once we receive your check we will put them in the mail to you.  Make your check out to the Legends Association at the address below.  Please note that it could take a couple of weeks for your order to get to you as we mail the orders out on Friday’s.
We will send updated information as we continue to work on these projects. Please let me know if you have any other questions and have a great week!  
Thank you,
Karrie Schuler
Community Manager
Important Notice:
Click here to see the recording of Master Association meeting January 21
The passcode is:


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