Legends South
Eureka, Missouri
Please note: if your HOA fees have not been paid in full, your pool fobs are deactivated and will not open the gate. Also, no birthday parties or similar gatherings are allowed in the pool area this summer. You can find all the current Recreational Area Rules here.
TO: Legends Residents
RE: Legends Parkway Gates
A number of residents have raised some questions as to the current status of the gates at the western end of the parkway. At the May meeting of the Board of Directors, a discussion was held and a vote taken to remove the existing swing gates and replace those with a sliding type with stronger materials. Both the card system and RFD tags will continue to operate with the new gates. 
Bids were secured from 3 vendors, Missouri Door, Easter Fence Company and The Birdsong Company. After reviewing the bids, we selected Birdsong who came in with a bid of $71,938.74. Missouri Door was the highest bid. Easter Fence was a fragmented bid for the fencing only. The material being used for the gates was aluminum, same as what exists now. Subcontracted work would have been required to do the installation. In addition, their bid called for the inbound gate to encroach into the parking lot of the pool. The lack of unknown added costs removed Easter from consideration. A contract was entered into with Birdsong on or about May 26, 2021.
Several factors went into our discussion and decision. The parkway is a private residential street, not particularly designed to be a public thoroughfare. It is essential to try to control the traffic flow as best possible. In 2020, we embarked on improving the surface ride ability of the parkway creating a smoother surface by grinding it. The feedback has been positive. Increased traffic flow by allowing the parkway to become a thoroughfare would ultimately further compromise the integrity of the parkway road. The end result, over time, would be substantial repair / replacement costs. As it is, we annually budget $50,000 to replace broken slabs. By somewhat controlling the flow of traffic from the Legends back gates, an added element of security is provided for the residents. The gates would be a barrier to person or persons committed a crime.
Finally, the current gates themselves. For whatever reason, these past few years has seen an increase in vandalism to them. From pushing them open manually jamming the swing arm to literally cutting wires that deactivate some of the mechanisms has proven costly to repair. Last year alone it was approximately $8,800.  
The decision to go with a sliding gate of stronger material will preclude the jamming of the gates in an open position, either manually or with a vehicle. The openings will be reduced but sufficient for vehicles including fire dept. emergency trucks to enter and leave. As an added benefit for emergency personnel, we have included a SOS siren-activated gate module to speed up access by emergency personnel without their having to stop and unlock the gate opening emergency box currently in place.
We believe the work will take about 6-8 weeks to complete. We ask your patience while this occurs.
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