Legends South
Eureka, Missouri
The 2023 billing letters (including the 2023 budget) have been mailed on January 31st. You can find an electronic copy here.

Snow Plowing Criteria
Snow plowing is initiated at 1" of snow. There are two dedicated trucks, one starting at the beginning of the sub-division, the other begins at the end.
Salting: Pre salt pass to be initialized 2 hours prior to a predicted freezing rain event or a predicted more than 4" snow event. Salt pass to be applied to all streets after a plow pass. 
Hill touch up: Stone Spring Dr., the back half of Legends View Dr., Upper Bluffs View Ct., Legends Bluffs Ct., Palisades View Dr. Meramec View Dr.

Waste Management Update
The city of Eureka has hired a new trash company: Meridian Waste. They are delivering new trash & recycling cans and the residents must contact them by January 2023 to have their old cans removed for free by March. You can find more details here: Meridian Waste Eureka

Dear Legends Owners/Residents,

The back gates are now in service and we wanted to remind everyone on how to order back gate keys/window key sensor stickers. The hand held gate keys (have to roll down your window to access the gate) and window key sensor stickers (place inside your vehicle and the sensor reads the tag to automatically open the gate) are both the same price at $25.00 each.  Please send a check and note which type and how many gate keys/window key sensor stickers you would like on your check.  Please make your check out to The Legends Master HOA and mail to:
The Legends c/o CMA
14323 S. Outer Forty Rd., #301N
Chesterfield, MO 63017
Please note that the window key sensor stickers are not reusable once placed in your vehicle and will not be replaced free of charge if you switch vehicles. The window key sensor stickers are fragile and if the sensors get a kink, they will not work. If you are experiencing any recent issues with your hand held key card or window key sensor stickers, then please contact Samantha Hoene, CMA Community Manager, at sam@cmamgrs.com with your key or window key sensor sticker number with your address so we can verify your keys are active in the new system. A couple of reminders on use of your keys:
  • Window key sensor stickers- Please do not waive the key sensor around when pulling up to the gates. The sensor may not read the sticker and could kink the tag causing it not to work. Please be sure to place your window sticker in a place on your windshield that the back gate sensor can read. If it is not in the right spot on your windshield, it could work only intermittently as it may not be able read the key sensor correctly all of the time. 
  • Hand held keys- These keys are sensored as well so please do not accidently demagnetize them by keeping them against your cell phone or any other item that would cause the key to not work.      
Once you send in your order and we receive your check, we will mail your order to you, however, please be aware it could take a couple of weeks for your order to be received as key/sensors orders are mailed out only on Friday’s each week.

Please be sure to pass this information on to your new Owners, Neighbors, or your HOA Management and Board Members. This information has been posted many times this year on the Legends South website, the Legends Master Facebook page, and portal email blasts. If you have not signed in to your portal, please contact Samantha Hoene, CMA Community Manager, at sam@cmamgrs.com for your portal log in information and update your contact information so you are getting these important notifications. We appreciate your help in sharing this information!
Thank you,
Samantha Hoene
Community Manager
14323 S. Outer Forty Road
Suite 301N
Chesterfield, MO 63017-5734
Office: 314-878-0025, Ext. 122


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