Legends South
General info
  • chevron_rightHow can I get an extra rear gate key?
    The rear gate is managed by the master association The Legends which is managed by Karrie Schuler at CMA. Contact Karrie for a new or additional Gate Card Key, which cost $25 each.
    She can be reached at
    Karrie Schuler
    at Community Managers Associates, Inc.(CMA)
    314-878-0025 Ext. 102
  • chevron_rightPlease explain the difference between the Legends South Neighborhood Association and the Legends Neighborhood Association?
    The Legends Covenants were filed on August 30th, 1989 to ensure the attractiveness of the residential development known as the Legends. The Legends encompasses all the subdivisions on both sides of the Legends Parkway but does not include the golf course or the country club. The Legends Board consists of five elected residents of the Legends. A portion of our annual fees goes to this board for the upkeep of areas common to all of the Legends which would mainly be the entrance, the back gate and the parkway.
    The Legends is divided into sub-associations. The Legends South (LS) is one of these sub-associations filing its covenants on June 4, 1996. It includes all the homes on the south side of the parkway. Five LS homeowners are elected to serve on the board for three year terms. The LS Neighborhood Association is responsible for maintaining the streets and common ground in LS. This includes our pool, tennis courts and playgrounds.
    LS homeowners are governed by both the Legends HOA Covenants and the Legends South HOA Covenants.